2017 Vintage Weather Report

Winegrowing is very sensitive to weather conditions. Both quality and yield are affected by the timing and amounts of rainfall, heat and sunlight that the vines receive over the course of a growing season. There is a very large amount of data potentially available to those interested in better understanding how the 2017 vintage of

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Growing Season Heat Accumulation in Central England Since 1950

The current era of commercial English winegrowing can be thought of as dating from 1951, when Guy Salisbury-Jones began the first planting at what would become Hambledon Vineyard. English wines now routinely garner top awards in international competitions, with one of the critical contributory factors often cited as being Britain’s warming climate. It is well

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What the Recent “Battle of the Bubbles” Tells Us About the English Sparkling Wine Industry

For English cricket supporters, the recent match at Wellington is best forgotten. Yet for supporters of English Sparkling wine the ICC Cricket World Cup may best be remembered for the two England vs New Zealand blind tasting matches that took place on 19th February 2015 in Wellingon and London. Each country was represented by a

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The Ridgeview Story (2014)

In recent years English wineries have been stepping up their promotional efforts and short videos provide an ideal means of connecting with (potential) consumers. This video from Ridgeview Wine Estate gives a useful overview of the company, emphasising the human element of the business.