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The English Wine Growing Season, 2018

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The 2018 wine growing season in England & Wales been described as “textbook perfect”, and “the perfect year for growing grapes”.  So what exactly was it about the way the weather behaved that had vineyard managers (and accountants) so excited? In the English Wine Growing Season 2018 report (pdf) temperatures and rainfall are tracked through […]


2017 Vintage Weather Report

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Winegrowing is very sensitive to weather conditions. Both quality and yield are affected by the timing and amounts of rainfall, heat and sunlight that the vines receive over the course of a growing season. There is a very large amount of data potentially available to those interested in better understanding how the 2017 vintage of […]


Growing Season Heat Accumulation in Central England Since 1950

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The current era of commercial English winegrowing can be thought of as dating from 1951, when Guy Salisbury-Jones began the first planting at what would become Hambledon Vineyard. English wines now routinely garner top awards in international competitions, with one of the critical contributory factors often cited as being Britain’s warming climate. It is well […]

Sparkling Wine

Sales of English Wine in 2014

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According to a Press Release from Defra, sales of English and Welsh wine are predicted to be worth nearly £100 million in 2015. This appears to be based on the assumption that English (and Welsh) wine sales will total 5 million bottles this year. Based on the available data, is that a realistic estimate? Just […]


Is it Time for an English Sparkling Wine Cooperative?

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The Champagne and English Sparkling Wine industries are very different beasts, not only in their size but also in their structure. In Champagne, the majority of wine is produced by the Négociant-Manipulant (NP) who largely buy in grapes, often under long-term contracts. They then produce wine on a very large scale, so that 300 NP […]

Wine Producers

The Pricing of English Sparkling Wine at Ocado

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Setting the price of  a product can be a tricky business and there is no simple formula. Depending on the profile of the company, its cost base, its financial position and the state of the market it which it operates it may be aiming to maximise profits, build market share or some combination of the […]