Climate Report 2012

Annual Mean Temperature
The Mean temperature for 2012 was 8.8°C, which is 0.1°C below the average from 1981-2010.

Annual Rainfall
Total rainfall in 2014 was 1,335 mm, which is 16% above the average from 1981-2010
Annual Sunshine
Total sunshine was 1,341 hours which is 2% below the average from 1981-2010




Mean Temperature Anomaly

The Winter 2011/12 mean temperature averaged 4.5°C, which is 0.9°C above the long-term average from 1981-2010. Spring was warmer than normal by 0.5°C, mainly due to 2012 having the third warmest March in a century. With April temperatures being 1.1°C below normal the month was colder than March, which is unusual.  Summer temperatures averaged 13.9°C, which is 0.4°C below the 30 year average. Cold weather continued through Autumn with the mean temperature being 8.6°C, which is 0.8°C blow the 30 year average.


Rainfall Anomaly

Winter precipitation totalled 330 mm, which is very close to the long-term average. Total UK rainfall for Spring (231 mm) was also close to average, but with a marked gradient between drier conditions to the northwest and wetter conditions to the southeast. During Summer low pressures in or near the UK occurred on a frequent basis, bringing with it exceptionally wet weather. Total Summer rainfall was 379 mm, which is 57% above the 30 year average from 1981-2010.  2012 had the wettest June in England and Wales since records began in 1766 and July was also very wet. UK rainfall in Autumn 2012 was 9% above the 30 year average, with England receiving ca. 20% more rainfall than normal.


Sunshine Anomaly

Winter sunshine totalled 167 hours, which is 13% above the long-term average from 1981-2010. Spring sunshine was also above average with a total of 478 hours. By contrast, Summer was duller than normal with only 403 hours (80% of 30 year average) of sunshine. Sunnier conditions returned in AUtumn which with 293 hours sunshine averaged 7% above the 30 year average.