The English Winegrowing Season, 2020

Record breaking weather in England is becoming more common and 2020 was no exception. English winegrowers in 2020 had to deal with:

  • The wettest February on record (in a series starting in 1862)
  • The sunniest month on record (May 2020)
  • The sunniest Spring on record
  • The driest May on record
  • The wettest day on record (3 October 2020)

Total wine production for 2020 is estimated to be very similar to 2019. It was reached by a quite different route involving lower yields and a greater cropping area. Along the way there was an early budburst, late frosts and an August heatwave to contend with. All this and more is documented in the English Winegrowing Season 2020 report (pdf).